Hancock Park is known as one of the most upscale residential communities in Los Angeles. Developed in the 1920's when George Allen Hancock, owner of the Rancho La Brea Oil Company ran out of oil mining capacities on his 4,400 acres of land called Ranch La Brea, he then began subdividing land and constructed beautiful homes on these lots.  Mr. Hancock also mined tar on another parcel of land which he donated to the City of Los Angeles known today as the La Brea Tar Pits and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.  

Today about 1200 homes make up this community many of which are bordered by scenic streets, mature trees and occasionally movie trucks due to the curb appeal of this community.  Many of these homes were designed by famous architects including Wallace Neff and Lloyd Wright.  These designs preserved the essential character of the neighborhood and can still be seen today. 

Hancock Park is bordered by Melrose Avenue to the north, Wilshire Boulevard to the south, North Highland Avenue to the west and North Rossmore Avenue to the east. What makes the community unique is its central location and proximity to the communities of Hollywood, La Brea, Beverly Hills and Downtown LA.