Westwood Realty promises to be the newest and most vibrant real estate brokerage in the Los Angeles area.  The commitment to provide the smoothest experience possible between you and one of the largest investment opportunities in life.  Los Angeles is a symbol to the world given the international and multicultural realm it represents.  Being based in an international city, Westwood Realty promises to be a global brand creating a warm atmosphere of providing essential real estate services.

With an abundance of amenities along with some of the best weather in the World, Los Angeles makes everyday living optimal for raising a family or for a vacation home.  Providing a thorough analysis of properties creates opportunities for investment decisions which and provide comfort in your decision-making. We look forward to serving you and sharing knowledge that will be helpful throughout your process of buying or selling real estate.

Becoming passionate in the real estate industry after graduating from UCLA in 2004, Mr. Hasnain continuously strives to make Westwood Realty a global brand which invites not only people from the Los Angeles area, but across the United States and throughout the World.  As broker and owner of Westwood International, the goal of Mr. Hasnain is to provide clients with all the up-to-date information and necessary in order for them to make investment decisions.  Decisions which will assist them in their short-term and long-term real estate goals.  Understanding that many buyers come from all parts of California, the United States and the World, Mr. Hasnain does his very best to serve these individuals and entities.

Aziz Hasnain was born and raised in Porterville, California - a small farming town in Central California.  Along with real estate, much of his passion includes education and law in underserved communities.  Prior to becoming a real estate broker, Mr. Hasnain was a special education teacher for elementary school children in Compton, CA.  He also currently serves as a member of the Advisory Council for the Mesereau Free Legal Clinic in South Central L.A. - a non-profit corporation which provides legal services for individuals who are unable to afford an attorney. 


Real estate is a very unique asset.  One which varies across borders and price ranges.  The ability to understand the market and what property fits your particular investment goal will determine how to strategize your investment.  Whether the investment is for a vacation home or a multi-unit rental property, Mr. Hasnain has does his very best to guide his clients through the process.  


The multitude of factors which come into play in real estate makes it a challenging experience regardless of the property type.  Being able to input our working knowledge and experience of the area will help play a significant role how your are able to understand new areas and potential investments. In today's market, where even the finest detail makes a difference in our client's perception, we have learned to understand what it takes to provide an exceptional experience.  As real estate being one of the largest investments in one's lifetime, we make sure that our client's are comfortable when working with use every step of the way.  The quality of our service is what what we would like our clients to value and to remember tomorrow.  The strive for perfectionism in the services we provide make us unique.  In the real estate industry, we understand that each individual has different needs and expectations as to the services we provide and and being able to provide and overall wonderful experience.


     Aziz Hasnain